Bowl Feeder Sensors

Olympic Automation offers a comprehensive range of level sensors, from a basic bowl level sensor, standard through beam optical, fibre-Optic and ultrasonic specifically tailored for the use in conjunction with bowl feeders and linear or conveyor feed tracks.

Fork Sensors

The FGL Fork sensor series are available in four standard widths, 30mm, 50mm, 80mm and 120mm and have a range of innovative features for their use in practice.

The casing for instance, consist of light and robust polycarbonate, instead of the much heavier metal versions that are usually used and are just as torsion-resistant as the metal versions.

The output signal indicator is another particularly innovative feature as the LED indicator is visible from all sides allowing easy set up. This series also has the capability of detection of very small with a diameter of only 0.2 mm.

Fibre-Optic Sensors

The FL range of fibre-Optic sensors are available in three versions. All versions are easy to setup by teach-in mode and have precise switching behaviour.

Varifocus fibre-Optic sensors are particularly recommended for the detection of very small parts on a linear track for instance.

The FL-70 R-PSD has a 4-digit display which simplifies the set-up.

The FL-70RA-PSD has an analogue output, which is particularly useful for connecting a cross-section converter. The FL-70R version without a display is the alternative for standard applications.

Ultra-Sonic Sensors

The ultrasound proximity switches belonging to the UM product series, operate on the basis of the echo propagation time measurement and are ideal for the non-contact level sensing of product between a vibratory bowl feeder and a storage hopper for instance.

The ultrasound impulses sent by the sensor hit an object, they are reflected back to the sensor and calculates the distance from the propagation time recorded between the sending out of the ultrasound impulse and the reception of the echo.

Depending on the output transformer, the distance measured is transformed into a current or voltage signal (analogue sensor) proportional to the distance or the signal output is activated according to the set switching point.

All settings are carried out using two buttons (Touch-Control) situated on the side of the housing.

With UM 30 devices, all operating statuses are displayed by LEDs. With the models with signal output, it is possible to select between the N.O. and N.C. functions.

The analogue sensors distinguish themselves through their minimum linearity error and offer a choice between increasing and decreasing output characteristics.

The New F18-2 Series Photoelectric Sensor

  • Robust construction
  • Diffuse up to 800mm adjustable and Through beams up to 10m
  • Adjustment via potentiometer
  • Straight or Right-angled Optics
  • Red-light or Infrared
  • IP67 rated
  • -25 to +55 °C operating temperature range
  • 1000 Hz switching frequency

The F18-1 series has many advantages that make it stand above the competition in the busy 18mm threaded sensor arena.

Available in plastic or metal housings, axial or radial view, cable or connector, red or infrared light, PNP or NPN, using direct detection, retro-reflective or through beam methods; there is a model suitable for every application.
Its short length of just 54mm including connector is threaded with flat sides and through mounting holes. This allows for traditional mounting with locknuts or side mounting via the Ø4mm holes.
Accessories include a variety of mounting arrangements and cables.
The simple mounting cap facilitates flush mounting on sheet surfaces.

All sensors operate from a 24volt dc supply and offer NPN or PNP switching; the majority of sensors are available from stock and can be dispatched same day.

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CAD Design

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